PAX 2/3 scoop-n-tamp (Delta 3D Studios)

¿Desperdicias demasiada hierba al cargar tu PAX? ¡Delta 3D Studios viene al rescate con esta astuta herramienta de carga de dos caras, la PAX 2/3 Scoop-N-Tamp.


Higher Standards dot wipes (30 pieces)

Alcohol wipes with two different sides to clean and polish glass, metal and silicone parts.

Higher Standards salt rox

Scrub away the toughest buildup in accessories and glass parts with salt rox.

Higher Standards resin rag

The resin rag is an ideal solution for cleaning glass tools and vaporizers.

Disponible en 1 pieza 2 piezas

Puffco Dual Tool (50 pieces)

The Puffco Dual Tool is a two-sided cleaning and filling tool for the Puffco Peak.

Cleaning Plug (Delta 3D Studios)

These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit.

Disponible en 17 - 23 mm 10 - 16 mm 5 - 8 mm 25 - 32 mm

XMAX Starry Cleaning Set

Many minor vaporizer-ailments can be fixed with this Xmax Starry cleaning set.