Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme is a high quality vaporizer that is very easy to use. One may either inhale directly, using the conveniently rotating whip, or first blow the vapor into a balloon. The Arizer Extrem...

Arizer power adapter

Power adapter with power cord for the Arizer Extreme-Q and Arizer V-Tower.

Arizer glass heater cover

A replacement heater cover assembly kit with installation instructions for your Arizer Extreme-Q or Arizer V-Tower vaporizer.

Arizer - control remoto

Reemplazo de unidad de control remoto. Sólo para el Extreme Arizer.

Arizer - tubo y boquilla

Incluye tubo de 97 cm y el adaptador de vidrio con rejillas y boquilla de vidrio.

Arizer replacement balloon pack

Six food grade bags/balloons for the Arizer Extreme-Q. Glass mouthpieces not included.


Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower glass elbow ada...

Glass elbow adapter for extra cool hits using the whip on the Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizers.


Arizer - tazón de vidrio tuff

Igual que el ciclón Bowl ™, pero está rodeado de material de alto impacto para proteger a los cristales de roturas.

Arizer all-glass mini whip

All-glass mini whip (10.16 cm / 4 inch) with screen attached, for connecting to Arizer Extreme Q balloons. Please note: this piece is only compatible with the frosted glass mouthpiece.

Arizer - tazón para potpourri

Para popurrí / aromaterapia. Popurrí no incluido.

Arizer tubing

Food / medical grade tubing. Tubing only, does not include any glass attachments.

Disponible en 9 feet (274 cm) 9 feet (274 cm) PVC


Arizer - adaptador de vidrio en forma de...

Elbow adapter for the Arizer vaporizer. Includes 1 screen.

Arizer - tazón de vidrio cyclone

Incluye disco de pantalla y negro Topper toque fresco.

Arizer - boquilla para tubo

Boquilla de vidrio para un tubo de 3 "o boquillas intercambiables.


Arizer Go stem cap (4 pieces)

Caps for the Arizer Go (ArGo) stems.


Arizer - herramienta de vidrio para agit...

Soplado a mano, pin de vidrio.

Arizer stainless steel stirring tool

The Arizer stirring tool is a useful instrument for emptying the contents of the bowl after a vaping session, as well as stirring up trouble during one.


Arizer - paquete de rejillas

Incluye 2 pantallas de cúpula y 2 pantallas planas. Hecho de material de acero inoxidable de alta calidad.


Arizer Go screen (6 pieces)

Six screens for the Arizer Go vaporizer.