G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova is a small and simple concentrate vaporizer. A great introduction to the world of concentrate vaping.

G Pen Nova LXE

The G Pen Nova LXE is a more powerful upgrade of the original Nova concentrate vaporizer.

G Pen Pro

With a heat up time of 30 seconds, a sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, the G Pen Pro offers a great vaping experience.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite from Grenco Science, well known for their collaborations with Snoop Dogg.

G Pen Elite - boquilla

Una boquilla de reemplazo para el G Pen Elite.

G Pen Elite charging dock

A charging dock for the G Pen Elite.

G Pen Elite mouthpiece filter screen

Five replacement filter screens for the G Pen Elite vaporizer.

G Pen Elite silicone sleeve

A silicone sleeve to make the G Pen Elite more resistant.

G Pen Elite Tool with Keychain

This discreet keychain tool will allow you to pack and clean the G Pen Elite vaporizer. 

G Pen Elite water pipe adapter

Water pipe adapter for the G Pen Elite vaporizer.

G Pen Pro mouthpiece

Replacement G Pen Pro mouthpiece.