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AirVape Xs magnetic charger

Innovative magnetic charger by AirVape uses a two part plug for easy charging.


AirVape X Shell

Protective shell for the AirVape X.


AirVape Xs shell

The slip-on shell makes the AirVape Xs water resistant and dirt-proof.

AirVape Xs charging dock

Nicely designed charging dock for the AirVape Xs.


AirVape X mouthpiece (ceramic)

A replacement ceramic AirVape X mouthpiece.

AirVape Xs GO screen set

Set of six screens for the AirVape Xs Go vaporizer.


AirVape X wax pad

Easy to use wax pad for the AirVape X.


AirVape X magnetic lid

A spare magnetic lid for your AirVape X vaporizer.

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