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Dr. Dabber Light

The Dr. Dabber Light is the compact counterpart to the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Featuring the same high quality components incorporated into a stealthier design, this vaporizer pen can go anywhere you need t...

Dr. Dabber Light battery

Replacement battery for the Dr Dabber Light.

Dr. Dabber Light - atomizador en ceramic...

Atomizador de reemplazo para el Dr. Dabber Light, que cuenta con una mecha en cerámica con una bobina en titanio de grado 4. No incluye la boquilla.

Dr. Dabber Light atomizer

Spare or replacement atomizer for the Dr. Dabber Light vaporizer pen.

Dr. Dabber Light USB charger

Spare USB charger for the Dr. Dabber Ghost or Light vaporizer.

Dr. Dabber storage ball

A silicon ball for storing your concentrate conveniently and discreetly.