AirVape X magnetic lid

A spare magnetic lid for your AirVape X vaporizer.


AirVape X mouthpiece (ceramic)

A replacement ceramic AirVape X mouthpiece.


AirVape X Shell

Protective shell for the AirVape X.


AirVape X water tool

Enhance the AirVape X with this modest but intricate bubbler.


AirVape X wax pad

Easy to use wax pad for the AirVape X.


AirVape Xs charging dock

Nicely designed charging dock for the AirVape Xs.


AirVape Xs magnetic charger

Innovative magnetic charger by AirVape uses a two part plug for easy charging.


AirVape Xs shell

The slip-on shell makes the AirVape Xs water resistant and dirt-proof.


Arizer - adaptador de vidrio en forma de...

Elbow adapter for the Arizer vaporizer. Includes 1 screen.


Arizer - herramienta de vidrio para agit...

Soplado a mano, pin de vidrio.


Arizer Air dual battery charger

The ideal accessory for extended vaping, the dual charger allows you to charge up to two Arizer Air batteries at the same time.


Arizer Air II/Go Battery Case

A storage case for the Arizer Air II/Go battery.


Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower glass elbow ada...

Glass elbow adapter for extra cool hits using the whip on the Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizers.


Arizer Go stem cap (4 pieces)

Caps for the Arizer Go (ArGo) stems.

Arizer stainless steel stirring tool

The Arizer stirring tool is a useful instrument for emptying the contents of the bowl after a vaping session, as well as stirring up trouble during one.


Arizer stem cap pack

Four heat-resistant stem caps made from high quality silicone. Arizer stem caps are compatible with all Arizer Air and Arizer Solo glass aroma tubes.

Boundless CF mouthpiece

An original replacement mouthpiece for your Boundless CF vaporizer.

Boundless CFC LITE battery (18350)

Extra battery for the Boundless CFC Lite vaporizer.

Boundless CFC LITE chamber screen

Extra chamber screens for your Boundless CFC LITE.


Boundless CFC LITE mouthpiece screen

Set of extra mouthpiece screens for your Boundless CFC LITE.


Eyce Beaker Downstem

Extra 14 mm glass downstem for the Eyce Beaker.


Eyce Beaker slide

Replacement glass slide for the Eyce Beaker and a number of other models.


Eyce Hammer (display, 8 assorted colours...

The Eyce Hammer is a colourful bubbler that will add colour to any party. Ultra safe and easy to use.


Eyce Mini Beaker

The Eyce Mini Beaker is the smaller version of the beloved silicone water pipe.

Disponible en Winter Smoke black Jungle Creature green Black Bangin


Eyce Rig II (display, 9 assorted colours...

The updated Eyce Rig II adds more protection making this the best silicone dab rig on the market.


Eyce Shorty

The Eyce Shorty is an excellent one hitter unlike any other. Colourful and unbreakable.


Eyce Sidecar

The Eyce Sidecare is a rig like no other. Easy to use with a rotating neck for optimal hits.


Eyce Spoon

The famous silicone pipe by Eyce comes in a number of exciting colours.


Herborizer - soporte del inyector XL

Soporte del inyector para el calefactor de Herborizer.


Herborizer - fuente de alimentación

Fuente de alimentación de repuesto para todos los vaporizadores Herborizer. La fuente de alimentación básica incluye interruptor on/off.


Herborizer concentrate bowl

Pure convection vaping of concentrates can be achieved with this concentrate bowl and any Herborizer unit.


Herborizer glass spoon

Glass spoon to stir the cannabis in your Herborizer vaporizer.


Herborizer Icetube Body

Heavyweight Icetube Body for use with the Herborizer XL system.


Herborizer Sphere suction tube

Replacement suction tube for use with the Herborizer Sphere.


Herborizer Ti heater

A replacement heater for the Herborizer Ti/Enail.


Herborizer Ti stand O-ring (2 pieces)

Spare O-rings for the Herborizer Ti Stand.


Herborizer Tube

The Herborizer Tube is an extremely efficient and stylish vaporizer. It's made of a type of borosilicate glass particularly resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.


KandyPens C-Box Mini

The KandyPens C-Box Mini is a tiny but powerful battery for vaping e-liquids and oils.


KandyPens Slim tank

The KandyPens Slim tank is a 510 threaded tank for e-liquids and is compatible with any 510-battery.

Linx Ares

The Linx Ares has a coil-less atomizer that heats up instantly for use with concentrates.


Linx Ares Atomizer Ceramic Rod

A spare or replacement part for the Linx Ares Pen vaporizer.


Linx Ares Mouthpiece Cap

A replacement mouthpiece cap for the Linx Ares vaporizer


Linx Eden charging dock

Charge your Linx Eden with the charging dock.


Linx Eden lava plate

Extra lava plates for vaping concentrates with the Linx Eden.

Linx Eden magnetic mouthpiece cap

Linx Eden mouthpiece cap for protection of the glass mouthpiece.

Linx Eden mouthpiece

Extra mouthpiece for the Linx Eden vaporizer.


Linx Eden mouthpiece glass tube (4 piece...

Set of four extra glass mouthpiece tubes for the Linx Eden.

Linx Eden silicone mouthpiece cap (3 pie...

Three spare silicone mouthpiece caps for the Linx Eden.

Linx Eden silicone sleeve

Silicone sleeve for the Linx Eden vaporizer.

Linx Eden USB charger

Extra USB charger cord for the Linx Eden vaporizer.

Linx Eden water pipe adapter

Stainless steel water pipe adapter for the Linx Eden.

Linx Ember atomizer

Empty atomizer for the Linx Ember extract vaporizer.

Linx Ember battery

A spare battery for the Linx Ember extract vaporizer.

Linx Gaia lava plate

Lave plates make it possible to use concentrates with the Linx Gaia vaporizer.

Linx Gaia magnetic tool

Replacement magnetic tool for the Linx Gaia vaporizer.

Linx Gaia mouthpiece filter

To keep the taste and airflow of the Linx Gaia vaporizer at the highest grade it is recommended to replace the filter of the mouthpiece once in a while. 


Linx Gaia mouthpiece magnetic cap

Replacement magnetic cap for the mouthpiece of the Linx Gaia. 


Linx Gaia USB charger (2-in-1 dual conne...

Another clever Gaia accessory: the dual connector USB charges the Gaia and a smartphone at the same time. 

Linx Hermes 2 USB charger

An extra charger for the Linx Hermes 2 vaporizer.


Linx Hypnos Zero Atomizer single coil ce...

A replacement part for the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer.


Linx Hypnos Zero battery

Replacement battery for the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer.

Linx Hypnos Zero case

Never break or lose your Linx Hypnos Zero accessoires anymore! This case is there to protect and hold them all. 

Linx Hypnos Zero metal mouthpiece sectio...

A metal base replacement of the Hypnos Zero mouthpiece to which a glass section can be attached. 

Linx Hypnos Zero Tool

Tamp your extract with this Linx Hypnos Zero tool. 

Linx Hypnos Zero USB charger

Replacement USB charger for the Linx Hypnos Zero concentrate pen. Small pen, small charger.

Linx Hypnos Zero/Ares - tapa de boquilla...

Estas tapas de boquilla para tu Linx Hypnos Zero y Linx Ares se usan fácilmente. Protegen la boquilla de vidrio y se pueden usar mientras el vaporizador está encendido.


Linx Hypnos Zero/Ares ceramic container

A ceramic container made with a silicone casing.

Mighty wooden stand (beech)

This handcrafted stand secures an upright position for the Mighty vaporizer.

PAX 2/3 loading funnel (Delta 3D Studios...

The PAX 2 / 3 loading funnel by Delta 3D Studios perfectly fits the herb chamber of the PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers.


PAX 2/3 scoop-n-tamp (Delta 3D Studios)

¿Desperdicias demasiada hierba al cargar tu PAX? ¡Delta 3D Studios viene al rescate con esta astuta herramienta de carga de dos caras, la PAX 2/3 Scoop-N-Tamp.

PAX 2/3 Tamp-N-Scrape (Delta 3D Studios)

A tamp tool for loading and unloading the PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers.