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Grandaddy Confidential Kush (Seedstockers) feminizada

The original genetics came from the acclaimed LA Confidential which was crossed with a special Grandaddy Purps. Both varieties have 20%++THC levels and are stable, highly appreciated varieties. The genetics were then crossed with an award-winning O.G. Kush, this gives a deliciously deep and rich Kush aroma to the final buds whilst maintaining THC levels around the premium strength 22-23%+ level. Plants tend to be medium hight with average stretch during bloom. Harvest quantities are well above average, but the beauty of this variety is in the quality of the high which is powerful and long lasting with a strong body stone. Grandaddy Confidential Kush is a popular variety for home growers, the award-winning indica genetics are compact, high yielding and highly potent. This is another THC rich variety popular with concentrate fans due to the high oil content. Incredibly satisfying and relaxing to smoke/vape, a premium quality feminized photoperiod variety in the Seed Stocker collection which you will want to grow again and again.


Efecto powerful, body stone
Genética LA Confidential x Grandaddy Pups x O.G. Kush
Número de semillas 5
Ambientes adecuados Interior / Exterior
Tipo de semillas Feminizada
Banco de semillas SeedStockers
Indica/Sativa Indica dominant
Tipo de cannabis Kush
Altura de la planta Average
Nivel de THC High
THC promedio 23%


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