Blue Dream Auto (Humboldt)

Blue Dream Auto has amazing Blueberry and Haze flavour and potency is high enough to make this automatic a favourite of the Humboldt crew.

Bubba Cheese Auto (Humboldt)

In only 70 days it's possible to enjoy the most extreme taste you can imagine from an autoflowering, together with very high potency and great production.

Bubba Kush Auto (Humboldt)

Bubba Kush Auto is a great quality autoflowering strain that gives you the possibility to grow this cannabis delicacy in record time; the best Indica California has to offer.

Dedoverde Haze Auto (Humboldt)

Dedoverde Haze Auto is the collaborative brainchild of the most advanced auto-flowering breeders in the world, Dinafem Seeds and Los Angeles based breeder Kief Sweat from the HSO crew.

Lemon Juice Express (Humboldt)

Lemon Juice Express by Humboldt Seeds is an autoflowering 100% feminized strain.

Lost Coast Skunk Auto (Humboldt)

Lost Coast Skunk Auto is the revival of a lost classic. Ideal for first timers looking for a productive autoflower strain.

Sour Diesel Auto (Humboldt)

The Sour Diesel autoflowering version needs only 75 days to bring you the superior quality California is known for. We bet the Diesel taste will seduce the most educated palates.

UK Cheese Auto (Humboldt)

UK Cheese Auto is the most iconic European flavour, bred from the original Exodus Cheese. Pungent and sweet, this is an intricate combination of mouth watering, unmistakable flavour.