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Various wholesale grow products and related accessories to cultivate better mushrooms and achieve even bigger harvests. Want to try out the ultimate in organic growing for your shop or store? Try the Biotabs range of 100% organic nutrients and soil enhancers.

AdditiveFeeding booster bag

The AdditiveFeeding Booster bag is a special formula to provide the right amounts of elements to increase flower and fruit production.

AdditiveFeeding Enhancer

Let a thousand flowers bloom with the help of this clever blend that enhances every aspect of the growing process.

Disponible en 1 kg 500 g

Bactrex (Biotabs)

Natural and totally organic soil bacteria for the root system area. Contains mould of the genus Trichoderma.

Biotabs tablets

Biotabs are totally organic slow-release fertilizer tablets. No more danger of dosing too much or too little fertilizer. Your plants will have exactly the right dosage of 100% organic fertilizers at a...

Boom: Rescue & Booster (BIOtabs)

Boom: Rescue & Booster is one of the most complete fertilizers by Biotabs.

Disponible en 100 ml 5 ml (sachet) 250 ml

Estera de calefaccion por infrarojos

Esta fina estera de calefacción mantendrá a tus hongos creciendo, incluso en los meses de frio e invierno.

Filter bag

Autoclavable bag with a microscopic filter for the cultivation of mushrooms. Size: 10 x 20 x 50 cm.

Guerrilla pack (Biotabs)

The Guerrilla pack contains 500 ml Guerrilla juice and 20 Guerrilla tabs, all the fertilizers a grower will need from seed to harvest, whether indoor or outdoor.

Guerrilla tabs (Biotabs)

Guerrilla tabs are 100% organic slow release fertilizer tabs, for indoor & outdoor growing.

Mycotrex (Biotabs)

Mycotrex is a mixture of 9 different types of mycorrhiza spores and contains 88 spores per gram.

Orgatrex (Biotabs)

Orgatrex liquid fertilizer contributes to effective soil life, which means healthy plants. For growth and flowering.

PK Booster Compost Tee (Biotabs)

Get the most out of soil and plants with the enriching compost tea by Biotabs.

Disponible en 750 g 2 kg

PowderFeeding Mother Plants

Specifically engineered for the vegetative growth stage of the plant, it allows perfectly balanced nutrition for mother plants, young plants and rooted cuttings. Contains all basic minerals and trace...

Propagator Pro 2

The Propagator Pro 2 is a small container that can be used in combination with a germination medium (such as the Spongepots) to safely cultivate seeds.

Silicium Flash (Biotabs)

Silicium Flash by Biotabs is a 100% organic plant feed that will give your favourite plant a boost over a longer period of time.


Spongepot is the ideal germination medium for your seeds. It consists of different types of peat and cocos with a organic glue which makes it feel 'spongy'.

Startrex (Biotabs)

Soil improver and organic fertiliser with a high soil bacteria content.