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Royale Haze (Dinafem)

Royale Haze High quality sativas produce clear psychoactive effects, without the feeling of sleepiness or tiredness.

The effect is true sativa and it produces like crazy as long as its gets a lot of light, plenty of water, a lot of fertilizer, and just 70 days of flowering. 10%-20% of plants can manage 75 or even 80 days, but most of them are ready in 70 days.

The aroma is really spicy, with a subtle sweet skunk tone in some of them which is rich, complex and tasty. It can easily be grown outdoors, even in cold and mountainous climates of Southern Europe, as it is harvested relatively early towards the end of October. Out of the 3 sativas that we have produced, this is the best mixture of extreme strength, sativa quality and high production. It is completely suitable for a SCROG.

  • Blend: Sativa with 15% Indica
  • THC: High. ( 16% - 20% )
  • CBD: Very low
  • Production: Very high
  • Flowering period: 65-75 days
  • Outdoor harvests: 20 – 30th October
  • Height outdoors: Up to 4.5 meters
  • Genotype: Haze x (Skunk x Northern Lights)


Altura promedia 400 cm
Rendimiento promedio en interiores 475 g/m²
Rendimiento promedio al aire libre 750 g por planta
Composición 15% Indica x 85% Sativa
Efecto Cerebral, talkative, uplifted
Genética Skunk x Northern Lights
Tiempo de floración en interiores 70 días
Número de semillas 3
Cosecha al aire libre Finales de octubre
Ambientes adecuados Interior / Exterior
Tipo de semillas Feminizada
Marca Dinafem
Banco de semillas Dinafem
Indica/Sativa Sativa dominant
Tipo de cannabis Haze, Skunk
Dificultad de cultivo Easy
Floración Long
Altura de la planta Tall
Nivel de CBD Low
Nivel de THC Medium
Sabor / Olor picante
THC promedio 18%


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