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Scale On Balance ELS e-liquids & herbs (500 x 0.01)

The most common way to measure liquids is by using a syringe. However, it can also be done by adding the ingredients by weight. This is a more precise and less messy method.

The On Balance ELS scale has a capacity up to 500 g, which makes it easy to mix large quantities of e-juice in one go. 

The ELS Scale has a dual display, which shows the weight of the current ingredient, and the total weight simultaneously. This device has a selectable auto-off, a detachable lid that can also be used as a tray, linear calibration, a tare/cal function and two 200 g calibration weights for spot-on measurements.

Capacity: 500g
Accuracy: 0.01g
Modes: g-oz
Platform Size: 100mm x 100mm
Platform Build: Stainless Steel
Display: Green Back-lit LCD
Power: 3 x AA Batteries (Included) or AC (Not Included)

What's in the box?

  • ELS-500 scale
  • Lid
  • 2 calibration weights (200 g)
  • USB cable


Apagado automático
Precisión 0.01 g
Capacidad total 500 g


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